At The Moment, This Lip Technique Is Being Used As The Prime Factor Of Beauty Transformations.

The world of beauty buzzes in a continuous exploration of products and ideas, resulting in what is new becoming old, and the old, becoming new again, in a never ending cycle of re-visitation and up scaling. This keeps things interesting, and give consumers the satisfaction of catching up with the moment, as brought to them by talented makeup artistes, who commit themselves to making these moments easy to catch.

In this recovery mode, from a global health disaster, beauty seems to be panning to a full on treatment to transform any subject into whoever they please. The last twenty-four hours, on Instagram, show beauty entrepreneurs showcasing their take on that.

Photo: Instagram/@tintsmakeuppro

@tintsmakeuppro created a look that highlight the importance of skin work, eye definition and plumped lips.

The brand’s work calls attention to skin products for achieving a clean, smooth and soft finish, that is an elevation of the subject’s natural skin, so she stays herself, but better.

@cattysglam shows an over-the-top look that employ voluminous lashes, exaggerated cut-crease and intensely enhanced lips.

The brand used a contact lens to take the work to its set goal; which seems to have been, ‘a dramatic switch into an alter ego’.

Photo: Instagram/@cattysglam
Video: Instagram/@Tshakky

For @tshakky, combining shimmery eyes and rich lashes stay as a principal technique for a quick transformation into a super-you.

The importance of skin work is also emphasized by the brand’s approach, along with the importance of contouring, whether of the cheekbones or of the lips.

Other beauty artiste also have their takes published on the platform. And overall, there seems to be an agreement that, earthy-nude-y plumped-out lips is the course of the moment.

Featured Image: Instagram/@uber_glow

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