Four Of Nengi Hampson’s Beauty Looks To Duplicate This Weekend.

Ladies and Gentlemen, the weekend! And four beauty looks Nengi Hampson has donned over the last couple of weeks, presented to help you shine at events, in the next days before Monday.

Whether they be weddings or birthdays, conferences or house-parties; and whether you are the host or an attendee, be inspired by these looks or just copy and paste, like this writer intends to do the ponytail combination, in order to leave home with an effervescent confidence, arrive at the venue with a striking presence and leave satisfied with how you portrayed your physical self.


Go for a laid and pulled up hair, combined with lashed and defined eyes and plumped out lips in brown. You may choose to keep your eyes dark, or add a pop of tawny brown to it. Overall, give attention to your contours to achieve that chiseled chin and nose.


No parting. No featured drop. Love the all-back look, again. Wig it or add-on to your natural hair for more volume. Then finish it off with spirited eyes and pecan lips.


Fly out your curls and give it a center part. Finish it off with a bold two-toned red lips, and defined to the nines eyes.


Clear lips are always in! Pair that up with artful eyes and tamed hair, parted in the middle for practical reasons. And bring in colour from your nails, whenever you want.

Photo credit: Instagram/@nengiofficial

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