Serwaa Amihere’s Closet Of Stylish Work-Wear Is A Guide To Managerial Dresses

A career in media presentation, as with many white-collar environments, require an impeccable physical branding, if advancement is a goal. And Ghana’s Serwaa Amihere has been meeting that requirement, with no break, consistently.

In a fashion that express cutting edge professionalism, a dossier of achievements and sky-high ambition, the broadcast journalist presents as a model for girls who are on the spectrum of high-achievement.

Her public persona, as described by her fashion choices, is an important woman, who is at the helm of important executive functions, and is super-good at her job.

This advances the campaign for increase in female participation in political and economic leadership, by showing to young girls, an image of possibilities, and to society, a woman who can and who will be taken seriously.

Her projected preference for dresses can be interpreted as an oration on the adequacy of femininity; its form and abilities, thereof.

Serwaa’s wardrobe is fit for a day’s worth of exploration, like you would a library or a museum.

Or frequent visits, like you would a relaxation and invigorating place, if access problem is ruled out, just to sit and be mentored by the dresses for powerful young women, to be inspired by them, and be encouraged to press on, to do more and achieve more, because you are able and there’s an office at the topmost floor for you.

Here are some looks she’s worn that we love, presented in two parts. The printed ones are double the inspiration, for their novelty in the work environment.

Solid Colour-Based:

Printed Fabric-Based:

Photos credit: Instagram/serwaaamihere

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