11 Modern Glasses That Suit Today’s You.

Granted, you may be at the point of trying to figure out who today’s you is; what she likes and wants. What she wants to get rid of. Or what direction she wants to go and where she’s trying to get to. Still, no one knows today’s you more than you do. But today’s you, is alive. She values happiness and peace. Today’s you wants more out of life; more joy, more money, more friendships. Today’s you wants safety; the opportunity to live free of injury and injurious experiences.

Eye glasses offer all these things: Protection from natural elements, joy from external factors, branding for social goodwill and financial opportunities and a shield from unwanted attention. Our eleven choices are exquisitely designed to show the polish and excellence of their wearer. They are modern, smart and extra-special. And the glass-shield is the invention we now know we need till the end of time.

Get them all. Or start with one. The eleven glasses that suit today’s you.

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