Back To Big Hair! Who Is Getting On This Train?

Diana Ross’ new song, titled, Thank You, and an album of the same name, scheduled to be released in September, is responsible for this fever. A big head of curls never left our sight or at any point lose its appeal. We just became unaffected by its charm. But the seventy-seven year old’ re-emergence into the art scene is serving as a re-introduction of the hair-style:

A full head of curly, proud and sexy.

So, volume for the big girls, and the high net-worth girls, and all girls on the way up.

We turned to beauty practitioners for modern interpretations of the classic style, and found Bisola Omoregha’s thick and curly strands and Jane Ogu‘s light and fluffy retro-mane.

Video: Instagram/flawlessfacesbyjane

Either way, an itch exist to be scratched. Who is getting on this train with me?

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