Choose Your lines. || Five Elegantly Easy Nails You Should Try Now.

Engaging in a great and enjoyable DIY activity is self-care. It gets the mind to a state of equilibrium, dilates and illuminate the soul’s repository of innovation, and inject or stimulate a fresh new stream of creative energy into the spirit.

DIY-ing is technically not work, if you have the option of not doing it yourself. It is a fun activity: a recreation. And we’re proposing a great one for your next time with yourself, or with a group:


Get your manicure tools and nail color of your choice, set up at a well lit and comfortable place, and design your finger nails. Or at least, attempt to. If you get a perfect outcome, you also get the satisfaction of success and an unspent amount of money. And if you get a not so perfect outcome, you also get a good laugh at yourself, art on your hands, an opportunity to keep tweaking to make it perfect, and a sense of justification for how much you’ve spent on manicure in the past.

Try out one of these five simple looking nail art, we found on Instagram. They look simple enough to nail. And glorious enough to want.


Choose Your Lines.

Simplicity rocks these nail arts and elevate them to the realm of youthful elegance. Though, seemingly created by a straight-forward approach of lines and movements to form shapes, there is also a strategic use of color, to infuse exciting adventures into the outcome.

Artistically speaking, curves, angles and waves were drawn in slow strokes, for perfection, till they meet an end or join another line that runs unending.

Enough room exist for creative freedom. Try other shapes, change direction, or introduce new elements to add another dimension to these samples.


Photo: instagram/@amyle.nails
Photo: instagram/@nails_and_soul
Photo: instagram/@amyle.nails
Photo: instagram/@amyle.nails
Photo: instagram/@nails_and_soul

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