Why Are You Still Single? 5 Most Likely Reasons.

I have come upon the question, “why am I single?”, over the last few days, on my Twitter feed, a good many times, that I have paused to introspect and attempt to answer universe’ call to provide the likely reasons.

DJ Cuppy tweeted the question at least three times in the last three months, each time expressing her sincere confusion about how and why singlehood is her current status. She is a perfect representative of the bulk of women, I have come across with this question, on Twitter: These are young, beautiful and ambitious women, who are able to lay claim to middle or high society, and are on their way to building successful businesses.

The stated features should team up with other aspects of these women to wield magnetism for great partners, but some people seem to think that it is the exact combination of features that is keeping them single, as the notion that men will rather avoid beautiful, ambitious, educated and financially strong women, is simply at play. And the kind of men who weather the barrier are almost always digging after things that are different from the love of the woman in question.

Another set of people think the reason is simply the women’s refusal to accept and trust men who occupy statuses below theirs. They said, strong and powerful women only allow themselves to grow feelings for strong and powerful men, and won’t allow men in other classes to as much as breathe the same air as them.

All may be valid reasons for those who believe they are, including those who think it has something to do with spiritual forces, habits and character. But my submission are these five reasons:

1. He’s getting prepared.

You are still single because the right man for you is getting prepped by life. See it as his training, and appraisal, period, where life is presenting him with the experiences, which will teach and help him develop the necessary skills and attitudes he will need to love you, the way you want to be loved.

2. You have an assignment to succeed at, before his coming.

You are still single because life has an assignment for you to accomplish, which a marriage to, or romantic relationship with him will not, necessarily, accommodate or further. The assignment might be connected to a business venture, a friendship, or a career decision to move to a different city. Whatever it may be, it is important for life, and important for who you are, enough to make life protect both (i.e. assignment and marriage) from the other.

3. You are being protected from all the wrong ones.

You are still single because the wrong ones have been prevented from getting to you, while the right one is getting ready and finding his way to you.

4. Major parts of you are still in development.

You are still single because you are becoming. Where you are might seem great and balanced, but, maybe, to life you still need a few alterations, and your fashion sense is about to take a quick turn, and your interests are about to change, or maybe you are about to move into a higher dimension of self awareness and love, and the right one is unable to identify and receive you, while all these major parts of you are being engineered.

5. You are a few scenes away from the event that will bring you together.

You are still single because in every love story, events lead up to the event where the two meet and get held together, till they succumb and decide to stay with each other, of their own free will. Yours is just in the future, and you are living toward it. It might happen at the next party, church service, or visit with friends. Every experience you have is somehow connected to the meeting and leading you to it. So see yourself in motion to it and have fun as you glide toward him, gliding toward you.


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