Self-Love Is All Of Five Things.

In My Books.

It gets unclear sometimes about what self-love really is. Fog from surrounding seas of product marketing and cultural dictates is constantly blurring up the true form of the term, and presenting it as little stand-alone acts, like, a massage, a long soak in a bath, a tasty meal, etc.

However, self-love is made up of five major parts, which combine nicely in the same proportion to form a perfect whole. Therefore, a massage on a body which houses a mind full of self-deprecating thoughts, though benevolent, does not signify a love of self. Same as an expensive get-away or shopping spree.

Self-love is the total of affirming yourself, prioritizing your needs and wants, being kind to your body, feeding your mind, and taking rest as needed. It is peeling off every veneer off self, knowing self intimately, and loving that state, enough to become better, or while trying to become better.

The term is a complete acknowledgement, appreciation, and care for every component of self. For that reason, having self-love means, you:


1. Affirm yourself.

Talk yourself up. Excuse your slip-ups. Say loving things to yourself. Have your back. Are on your side. Do extend empathy to yourself.

2. Prioritize your needs and wants.

You put what you want and need first. And as much as required, say yes to things that further your goals and mission, and no to things that you may not have the time or resources to accommodate at the time of the request.

3. Are kind to your body.

You lather it with love. Splash care on it. Diffuse oomph around it. Ingest what it needs and discontinue what it doesn’t. Give it the procedures and movements it needs to stay or become nimble. Cleanse it with love. Package it with the right outfits for it. Give care to its hair. Put it in the right shoes. Position it in favorable environments, like clean, non-toxic and beautiful ones.

4. Feed your mind.

You expose it to information that will soothe and enlighten it. Binge on nutritious facts. Enrich it with new data. Introduce it to non-native knowledge. Inundate it with intelligence, while protecting it from negative triggers.

5. Rest.

You sit and do nothing. Lie down and watch something entertaining. Take a nap. Lounge with a low music. Drop everything and go do what is not work.

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