Campaign For The Green New Deal With These Nail Designs.

Variety and change are two ways life gets our attention. In the beauty world, Professional nail artist; Amy Rickaby, has distinguished green nail color off the stock of maybes, into the spotlight of definites, through fresh and riveting designs, painted in a first-class manner to imbue glee and cool, while in the same breathe, unwittingly, evoking thoughts of the green new deal.

Take this spread of green with black line toppings, for example, the artist used the dialectics of simplicity to present tips that are both familiar and brand new.

Yet, in the same vein, she took the color through the route of complication, and inter-mingled it with yellow, chocolate and black, which she’d pre-formed into a tortoise pattern.

Her terrazzo rendering of the color is an exhibition of modern civilization, and a template of creativity, for self-expression.

Therefore, imagine a switch from the green and blue, used here, to a combination of your two favorite colors. Isn’t that a satisfying thought?

Slide to see 7 more fascinating green-based designs, from the nail artist, and use for beauty, or to make a change. Or for both.

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