Finding My Happiness: 10 Simple Things This Writer Is Doing.


The last time I wrote about finding my happiness, I was following in the footsteps of a colleague, who had chronicled how she was lifting herself out of the hole of melancholy. I found her essay very relatable and useful that I did a bit of soul-searching to discover the things I could do to increase my happiness quotient.

What I came up with, included non-specific things like, reading happy, eating happy, smelling happy, etc. I guess at the time, I was still at an early stage of self-awareness, that I wasn’t really sure of specific things I liked. I had a general idea of what I was drawn to, which are books, fashion, beauty, leisure, career, and eloquence. But I did not dig deep enough to discover what my preferred style is, what I really want as far as beauty is concerned, the kind of topics I want to speak about, and so on.

Meanwhile, I was acutely aware of the specific things I dislike, like noise, meat, early mornings, untidiness, faint hues of colors, etcetera. I later connected my imbalance in awareness, as the foundation of my unhappiness. In the sense that I cannot be happy, if I do not know what will make me happy. And not pin-pointing the specific things I like, and making them part of my daily life, was emboldening the presence of the things I do not like, and stressing me out.

Happiness, for some people, might be a default mode. For me, I’ve tested to conclude that it is a workable choice; and a choice that must be made, daily, as soon as I open my eyes.


There have been days where making that choice was as simple as saying some affirmations, and days where it took everything in the book, plus a constant mind re-route, to feel a whisper of happiness.

Recently, a dip in my emotions got triggered, and I sought to find my happiness through more understanding of social relationships and human behavior. In explaining human behavior, a speaker inferred to me how I may have unconsciously allowed a person to dump their baggage on me, and how I could hand their baggage back and reclaim my ease.

The self-determined steps I took were, first, self acquittal and forgiveness, second, acceptance of facts, and third, an indulgence in a range of simple things I am sure I like.

Here are those simple things I’m deriving happiness from, at this time:


1. Long Warm Bathes.

The feeling of warm water, on my skin, has proven to be one of the most satisfying things of my daily life. I look forward to it. I anticipate the first contact of warm water to skin, and the pleasant feel that follows. I get under the shower, or into the tub, depending on how I want to feel the water, with solemn steps and a readiness to pamper my body and thrill my mind. Sometimes, I set an ambience for it: Low light, soft music, scented candles and a heavenly scented body wash.

2. Healthy Liquids.

Drinking lots of water has been my lifestyle choice for a long time, and recently, I came to terms with the fact that I love drinking water and the right amount of other healthy liquids. So, my glass shelf is updated with needed glass shapes. And my cooler has fruits, mixers and bottles.

I’ll be curled up in bed, with a book, and a glass of wine or champagne, and feel my happiness kicking in, before sleep whisk me away.

A cup of tea in front of the TV has the same peaceful effect. And peppermint tea is especially great, but other green teas serve their purposes, whenever needed. Try a concentrated infused water in a champagne glass for insight.

3. Support To My Circadian Rhythm.

Early mornings are not just my thing. Early nights, too. Acknowledging this, and planning my day with respect to this fact, has contributed to my overall daily satisfaction.


4. Eye Definition.

I love brilliantly defined eyes, starting from brows to lower lash lines. I like volume and brilliance. Therefore, defining my eyes with pencils and extra lashes, then sitting back to look at the effect of that on my face, is a good trigger of happiness hormones.

5. Skin Care.

I am very attentive to my skin, such that you may catch me checking out the skin of my body parts that are visible, at any given time. A daily ritual of cleansing, hydrating and moisturizing it, has kept it in a state that supplies me joy.

6. Fashion

I write this on a couch in my living room, dressed in a black lacy bralette, over short-shorts. It felt like summer today and I went for it. After all, there’s a heat wave sweeping through Lagos, and I’m finding happiness engaging the weather, with outfits that accentuate and flatter, in colors that excite.

When it comes to footwear, there is a love-story between beautiful, medium-heeled shoes and my legs. Right now, my rack is doing great at documenting those stories, along with the story that handbags hold truths to net-worth, but you can fake it till you make it.

7. Food.

Healthy eating is my lifestyle choice. In exploring that, I’ve concluded that I could be a food enthusiast. So, a few weeks ago, I put out a WhatsApp status asking my contacts if they’ll like to join me as unofficial restaurant critics around Lagos, and almost everyone said yes. We commence operations soon, because happiness, is a plate of delicious food.


8. Social Interactions.

Talking, when I want to, makes me feel alive. Having a conversation, when I want to, and on topics I care about, like business, personal development, relationships, wellbeing, and God, lights up my eyes. I took a leap out of my comfort zone and started a thing where I’ll pick any contact in my phone book, call them up and speak with them for as long as they’re available, or as long as the conversation lasts, and ended up less lonely, happier, more knowledgeable of the people and world around me, and a recognized member of circles.

9. Career Satisfaction And Financial Security

I recognize how majorly contributive financial security and career satisfaction is to happiness, so I’m saying a lot of yes to career-boosting opportunities, especially those I find challenging and scary. In the same vein, I’m saying a lot of no to activities that diminish my professional reputation and opportunities.

Doing these is keeping myself and my ambition at the top of my list, and showing my environment my value and direction. And it has resulted in a better acknowledgement of my skills and contributions, along with a better financial standing.

10. God.

Not religion. The Person. Not the structure and ceremonies. The Being. Knowing that there is a bigger person, presiding over all universe, who knows and cares about me, and is constantly orchestrating life in my favor, puts my mind at rest, enough to see and enjoy the good around me.

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