These 7 Things Might Help You Win Throughout The Year.

The beginning of every new thing, always carries with it, an amount of uncertainty. The year 2022, after being exposed to other years before it, carries with it a heavy feeling of trepidation. But it is the combination of all the elements of unpredictability, that is, the excitement of newness, the fear of the unknown, the beauty of expectations, the chaos of the unexpected, and the persuasiveness of faith, that propels the first step, and every other step after it, in our journey of a great life.

That is basically what we (humans) want: A great life! A nice living environment, safety, health, love, adventure, and an opportunity to contribute to the world. That is it! The degree and specifics may differ, but the need is the same: A great life!


Therefore, this new beginning is fragile in our hands, because it is another opportunity to take a shot at our goals; another opportunity to step forward for what we’ve always wanted but were too afraid to attempt; another opportunity to get off the ground and wrestle for our freedom.

And our hearts are beating fast and loud. We want this so bad, and know it is possible. What we want is right there! If only we’re able to beat this, and that, and that obstruction, then that great life will be ours. I think I know how we can beat them all. Let’s do these:


1. Lay The Past To Rest.

Holding on to past hurts and losses do not help us in any way. Rather, they’re torturous to our souls and toxic to our dreams. They’ve been the strong chains snapping us right back to that point of our lives we keep reliving. Let’s celebrate that success and move on from it. Let’s weep over that loss and perform a burial celebration for it. Let’s replace the anger with grace. Let’s pick up our minds from that place of gloom, guide it to a place of magical beauty, and protect it from wondering back. Let’s get in the present, and make it a good memory for our future.


2. Acknowledge That Our Healing Is Happening Even When It Doesn’t Feel Like It Is.

Our experiences have, undoubtedly, taken its toll on our bodies and minds. And as much as our wish is for healings to be instant, we know it is not. Healing takes time. And sometimes, it happens very slowly that it can be missed. Failing to acknowledge that our bodies and minds are moving toward, and adjusting, to their place of peace, leaves us to the continuous cycle of peeling off the surface of the scar and creating new wounds. Therefore, let us recognize the fact that we are getting our strengths back. And our advantages and opportunities are being restored to us. Let us acknowledge, and be grateful for, our renewed abilities and updated equipment.


3. Apply every lesson We learnt.

From that raging fire we burnt the past, let us protect the blessing it left us, and apply them, accordingly and sensibly, to the present, for the future we want. We learnt those lessons, mostly, the hard way. They should not go to waste. Each one of them is a substantial heap of fertilizer for our garden. And we must apply them.

4. stay Our focus on our goal.

Distractions only slow us down, and get us slapped to the floor by oppositions. Our guts have confirmed to us what we must do. Let’s focus on that, and pay no more attention to all the things that distracted us in the past.


5. Put in a lot of work.

Wishes do not produce fruits. Work does. We have to get off our dream mat, and put in our goal’s required amount of work. Or more. The past has taught us that our dreams will not be realized from a comfortable position; that we will need to stretch, duck, persuade, overcome our fears, and arm ourselves with new skills. We have to be willing to put in the work. Whatever amount or form it requires.

6. Receive Help.

Paid or unpaid. Let us delegate and outsource. We can’t and shouldn’t do everything by ourselves. A lot of the things taking up our time can be done by others we can engage to help us, so we can focus the full force of our energy on fewer things, and things we should not delegate. That way, our energy will be more concentrated and impactful. And we won’t slip into a state of constant tiredness.


7. Prioritize Refreshment.

What happened the last time we forgot why we set out, and where we set out to go? We ended up somewhere different, with something different! What happened the last time we pushed ourselves too hard for many days, and refused to take some rest? We fell apart and everything we had done got wasted! What happened the last time we did not apply needed tweaks to our goals, as necessitated by our environment? We crashed and burned! For these reasons, as we begin this new journey, let us prioritize reminding ourselves what the goal is. Let us make rests an important activity of our mission. And let us keep our minds open, and receptive to environmental prompts to adjust.

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