I Don’t Want To Be Alone on Valentine’s day. Here Are Five Things I Can Do.

It is four days to valentine, and the momentum is building up at a very fast pace. My friends all have their lingerie and little dresses ready. Gifts have been nicely wrapped with the most beautiful bows, I know. They are all excited. And giggly. Their partners have been circling around them. It is as though the magnetism of their, respective, connections are more intense, and they’re closer than ever. And every time I’m around them, I feel the heat of their passion, and nearly wilt.

There might be at least one engagement announcement, the day following valentine, I believe. And I’m truly happy for those who will hit the milestone, during this love rush. But what about me? How do I fit into this season. Where is my share of valentine? The day can’t act like I don’t exist, because I’m single. Involuntarily single, I should say. So, since the power is in my hands to make the day what I want it to be, here are the ways I’m planning to spend this year’s valentine not alone, while the right person is making his way here, to me.

  • Send Out A Company-Wide Email, Inviting Everyone To A Movie Night: This year’s valentine day falls on a Monday, after all. And a February bonding time, at the conference room, in front of a projected thriller, is commendable. It will boost employee morale and provide an escape for those who like me, are single and in need of company on this very emotionally soaked workday. This might be the reason someone will be showing up to work on Tuesday with a smile on their face. Ps: It is not a compulsory event.
  • Organize An Evening Of Gender Based Talk: We need a little fuel in the fire, right now, because it seems the conversation has not been as loud as it used to be, recently. So, what if the single ones of us, put our availability on this particular evening to good use, and gather at a public place, or someone’s sitting room, to talk about womanhood and where we’re at today.
  • Set Up A Yard Barbecue And Invite Neighbors: This is a little uncertain, because while it looks like there are other not-in-a-relationship people, who have no valentine evening plans, in my apartment building, the population is a little too low for me to be confident about the turn-out. But I can throw the net a little wider and put out an invite to others in my neighborhood.
  • Request The Company Of An Obviously Single Person: Some one I know may be able to recommend someone. Or maybe I know a particular person who is not with someone else. I don’t know. I’m not sure. But this is certainly an option to not spending the day alone.
  • Scan Out For A Church Event And Attend: The very modern churches always have very exciting valentine day activity. And some of these activities are the origin story of many love journeys. So, I may go spend my love on God. Who knows? A brother may want this.
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