This Is Your Valentine’s Day Checklist.

Ready or not, here it comes. In only a matter of less than a hundred hours, you will be giving your best performance of love. So, what is it going to be? An unforgettable extravaganza that is representative of who you are now? Or an unfolding of activities left to chance? Do you have the essentials required for a stellar feast of love? Here is your checklist to customize:

1. Music

You need words and rhythm that can soothe and knead emotions into a perfect state for giving and receiving. Consult your music app for romantic playlists, or create your own by pulling your best love songs from artistes like, Adele, Beyonce, John Legend, Chike, Johnny Drille, etc.


2. Food

What is a love fest without good, soul-satisfying, supremely delicious food? A table rich with tasty dishes is a fertile ground for bonding and transmission of affections. Look into your favorites and their favorites and create a menu that will please, as well as provide room for adventurism.

3. Drinks

Wine have their uses and advantages. So do champagne and others. But apart from their taste components, all serve to loosen up the spirit, and heighten celebratory feelings. Choose from the array of premium products that you like.


4. Scented Candles

Low-light is the atmosphere for romanticism. And smell can turn-on and turn-off the senses, at will. On valentine’s day, what you want to do is turn them on and keep them turned-on. So set up the atmosphere with charming smell and low-lights, in anticipation of a memorable day.

5. Flowers

Soften up the setting of your love-nest with the flourish and beauty of flowers. They will provide the quiet satisfaction of blossoming life.


6. Lingerie

There may be plans for physical touch in your program. Or it may be a natural step during your celebration. Presenting your body in a lingerie is the ultimate statement of invitation.

7. Style

Before the lingerie part, how will you appear when they come through the door? What will you wear? How will you hair be styled? What makeup look will you have on?

8. Gifts

Love is a gift that is expressed by giving. Therefore, what tangibles do you have in store for them? Have you picked any, yet? Thankfully, there’s still a few hours left.


9. Erotic Toys

If physical touch is in your program, you may want to spice things up with erotic inventions. Now may be a good time to explore your fantasies, or try out new things.

10. Destination

Distractions aren’t conducive to love. But love is fed fat by coziness. As a result of that, where you choose to hold your love-fest matters. At home, or a home away from home, let the venue be an active contributor to your other efforts.

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