The Art Of Evening Wear With Osas Ighodaro

Party season is year round. There is always a reason to celebrate. Health is one reason. Wealth is another. Meaningful friendship is yet another. Then, there are birthdays, weddings, galas, launches, work parties, et cetera. The idea is, festivity is part of life, and good for the soul, and you can choose to party over whatever you please, whenever it pleases you, including everyday, over different things.

You will find yourself, anyway, being thronged by invitations to attend social events, as your accomplishment and visibility increases. These events will serve to widen your network and career opportunities. So what you wear to them, is a big deal.

Let’s take some pointers from Osas Ighodaro, Nollywood’s movie star.

1. Wear A Premium Little Black Dress.

Little black dresses are staples at evening events, and are perfect at drawing attention to its wearer, in a way that keeps it in the background of focus, while the body in it shines.

2. Stripe It Up!

Playful stripes lighten things up and argue for the approachability of its wearer, without compromising on their standards.

3. Affect With A Pant Suit.

A pant suit is a powerful voice that speaks the language of top decision makers. It is a master of assertive communication, and an enforcer of the goals of its wearer.

4. Sparkle!

What shine wants to say is that its wearer is glamourous, sophisticated, mesmerizing, fantastic, brilliant, and extraordinary. But it doesn’t say it. People just see it for themselves.

5. Electrify With Bright Solid Colors!

Bright solid colors do not ask for attention, validation, or approval, because they have them inbuilt. So what they do, is show their wearer as a masterpiece, on display, at a gallery.

6. Maintain Your Youth.

Colorful little dresses, speak youthful glamour eloquently, like no other. Their transformative elements are smart shavers of years, off their wearers.

7. Escalate It!

Opulence is never wrong. And its wearer is never ignored.

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