On Her Matchmaking Streak.

The Evolution Of A Business.

Kayla was having a really bad day at work, when a friend forwarded, to her, photos of her high-school mate lounging in a boat, flanked by clear water and tall buildings. On a regular day, she would have scrolled and deleted, but on this particular day, everything was either conspiring to question her worth or attempting to invalidate her value. So, she minimized the Excel sheet she was working on, and quickly drew a plan for a quarterly deluxe party she will host and prove a point.

Her initial objective was to put her success on view and attract the adulation that her age-long modesty had eroded to the least degree. But when she sent out the first set of invitations to her closest friends, most of them got back with questions and suggestions, around community, recreation and well-being, and Kayla had to sit down again to develop the plan into a well-ness focused mission, she tentatively called, “Prance!”.


In the middle of Prance’s first event, Kayla realized that she was the common thread that ran through the over fifty people that was present at the neighborhood garden she rented for the day. She found that everyone knew her, and she knew everyone. And most of her duties as a host was about introducing people and making sure that no one was left alone by themselves.

As the day’s activity progressed, Kayla observed that a pair of lone attendees she had spontaneously introduced were having so much fun together. Others she had introduced, were having a lot of fun as well. But not in the same mood and flavor as the two. So, her attention kept circling back to them, as they talked, leaned into each other, gave the look, danced, and left together, when the day slowed to an end.

Later that night, she ruminated on the day and felt a release of satisfaction on the possibility that Prance may have just brought two people together for a happily ever-after, and she played a huge part in making it happen.


Over the following days, she sought for feedback from her guests and concluded that among other things, most of them received valuable connections, according to their personal needs and expectations. The grandness of the need to connect with others was further emphasized when she watched the video playback of the entire occasion. The videographer, as if previously instructed, gave attention to the stolen looks, the stares, the eye movements that led to a person engrossed in a conversation with another, the shy smile and hair tucks, the exchange of contact information, and the very subtle slips of complimentary cards.

Naturally, Kayla sprang into action and began to plan the next event, immediately. She knew her single friends and acquaintances needed the leg up. If nothing else, she could help them realize how much better they fit together with those they already knew.


In a matter of days, preparations began, and Kayla was more careful and intentional about setting things up for the kind of results she wanted. As many as RSVP’d she sifted through her database for who she believed was a better fit for them, or who she thought was better equipped to provide what they may need. She went a step further and looked into providing assistance in the area of grooming and styling, and didn’t think it irrelevant to make fervent prayers.

On the day, it was amusing, to Kayla, as she saw most of her guests falling into step with all she planned and executed. She supervised the day, firmly, and continued to steer situations to align with the outcomes she imagined, especially the ones her subjects had somehow indicated appropriate interest in.

It didn’t all end in absolute successes, but Kayla learned to be grateful for the good ones, to extract valuable data from the bad ones, and to use that extracted data to increase her rate of success. She’s still on her matchmaking streak. Six events in.

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